Successful transactions are at the heart of what we do. It’s a passion of ours. Whether it’s a merger or acquisition, lending or borrowing agreement or compliance or regulatory issue, we work hard to blend in-depth legal insight, with proven financial acumen. It is precisely that unique “blend” of skills that makes us different from other legal firms.

Today, corporate leaders, developers, entrepreneurs and operators are acutely aware of a host of issues that can positively or negatively affect all types of complex transactions. At L & M, we work hard to be creative and structure deals that not only result in excellent outcomes for our clients, but also fully comply with State and Federal standards.

In assessing all the issues that may be relevant to any transaction, L & M brings a wealth of experience from many transactions. We also bring special insight into the human side of each deal, which, in turn, guides
our work.

On occasion, we also cooperate closely with a number of skilled outside “consultants” who bring added value to the “deal”. Regardless of the assets employed, we work hard to ensure that our client’s business relationships stand on a stable legal and financial foundation –one intended for long-term growth, profitability, and success for everyone involved.

The bottom line: we help our clients “close” deals.