Banks & Lenders

We love banks. We love the people who work in banks. And we understand the banking and lending business – from both the legal and financial angles. We routinely work with banks and their executives to make sure that every deal is completely satisfactory to all concerned. We have the ability to supply sophisticated legal guidance and experienced representation to banks and lenders in every corner of the US. And we focus on working within banks and lending institutions to fashion every type of transaction.

Our firm’s long-term experience and focus is on the representation of banks and other lending institutions. This focus allows L’Hommedieu & McGrievy to be committed to offering in-depth legal services and financial advice that is perfect for our clients’ needs and ultimately responsive to changes in the State and Federal laws, regulations, and compliance issues that govern the banking and financial industries.

Banks and lenders routinely call on us to provide experienced legal and financial advice and quality documentation for a number of complex transactions. At L’Hommedieu & McGrievy, we are fully dedicated to working with banks and lenders to fashion arrangements that work for everyone.

Transactions. It’s what we do.