HUD Financing

HUD financing for commercial facilities is a focus at L’Hommedieu & McGrievy. Originally formed to aide individual homeowners, HUD now provides specific programs for health care companies. Federally backed loans give banks and lenders an excellent incentive to extend loans to borrowers despite the default risks associated with personal or corporate guarantees. By insuring the funds, HUD financing can give a financial boost to owners and operators in a number of industries.

Despite the risks, HUD loans carry significant benefits for all parties involved. Banks and lenders benefit by tapping into a market they would otherwise stay away from. And, Federally insured loans allow banks to reap additional profits experiencing less risk.

HUD loans may be the perfect solution for individuals and companies that qualify. At L’Hommedieu & McGrievy, we know the Federal law that revolves around this type of loan, and have extensive experience successfully executing these specialized transactions.

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