General Counsel

It’s common that a General Counsel is an inside job. Many times, it’s a very well paid, senior legal position within large companies. And many companies need the full-time services of a seasoned legal professional.

But, in many cases, it makes sense that the valuable duties of a “General Counsel” should reside outside the entity – therefore avoiding the cost of the cow, but still getting the milk.

At L’Hommedieu & McGrievy, we can perform all the necessary legal tasks associated with a host of general legal issues for companies and entities large and small. We perform these duties professionally, promptly and precisely. And best of all, we can offer our General Counsel services for a fraction of what it would cost to have a senior, experienced General Counsel “on staff”.

In addition to providing insight and expertise to any major corporate event – a merger or acquisition for instance – the duties that we can perform involve any corporate transaction and the general overseeing and identifying any legal issues that may arise. Among many, these duties may include such things as tax, general regulations, compliance issues, employment law, corporate governance and business issues.

At L’Hommedieu & McGrievy, we provide consistent, high quality legal work at a very reasonable price point. We pride ourselves on being professional, friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and practical. Something must be working… Many of our clients routinely repeat their engagements with us. Sure signs of trust, satisfaction, safety and value.

Transactions. It’s what we do.